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Accommodation in Crete

  • Excellent choice of "rooms" available all over the island. You can just turn up and book on the spot out of the school holiday season

  • Lots of apartments and studio flats for self-caterers too

  • The Plakias Youth Hostel is the 'most southerly' hostel in Europe. It is situated in the town of Plakias, on the south coast of the island, about 40 kilometres south of the city of Rethymno

  • Hotel Stavris is a walkers' hotel in Hora Sfakion, southwest coast, famous for its hospitality since 1969. It offers simple and clean rooms

  • Rethymno hostel is excellent and has all the facilities you could desire including friendly staff at an excellent price and in the centre of town.

  • Although plenty of package companies go to Crete from UK, it is recommended to travel on your own, as the beauty of Crete is located at small hidden villages and not in the crowded/touristic places. Most cater for those who want to go to Eastern Crete which is very lively. One or two cater for Western Crete (much quieter) and South Crete (eg Paleochora)

  • Short-term apartments Rent vacation rental apartments in the central Crete $604/week, per apartment and up. The American agency listing this apartment has been in business since 1975, gives its profits away to charity, and looks particularly for apartments of good value in non "tourist trap" locations.



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