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Drinking in Crete

  • Tsikoudia, also known as "raki", (Greek: Τσικουδιά), is the the trademark of Cretan day and night life, a strong clear drink similar to Grappa in Italy or Orujo in Spain. It is made out of the 'must' of grape skins and twiggs after the local production of the white wine. It doesn't taste like aniseed, as opposed to the Turkish raki

  • Although not Cretan, the aniseed ouzo is widely available

  • Beers: There are two major companies that produce beer in Greece: Mythos (Greek: Μύθος) and Alpha (Greek: Άλφα). Also commonly available are Amstel, Heineken and Carlsberg

  • Cretan Wine: Try the eccentric cretan wine, produced in the island for at least 4000 years. Labels: Sitia, Peza Union. Bottled wine mainly is used by tourists only. The Cretans themselves drink so called 'open' wine, straight out of the barrel, like fresh white wine, and the sometimes very old dark rusty red wine, a bit like port

  • Retsina is available in small bottles, a Greek resinated white wine that has been made for at least 2700 years

  • Greek coffee: coffee with strong taste but low in caffeine, similar to Arabic or Turkish. The Greek coffee (hellenikos, Greek: ελληνικός) comes in levels of sweetness. Glykos - 2 sugars, Metrios - 1 sugar and Sketos - no sugar. In addition there is Varis Glykos which is 2 sugars and extra coffee. Ice coffee, or frappé, is cold shaken coffee out of water and instant coffee, with or without ice cubes, sugar and cream.



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